Washington DC 2024 Introduction

Shannon Kelly

On April 20 the Mount Madonna School (MMS) junior class, along with their teachers Chelsea Otterness, Greg Shirley and Claire Otterness, will travel to Washington, D.C. Their week will be filled with tours and interviews with an array of interesting individuals. Unfortunately, I am unable to join them due to an injury. While I am sorry to miss this opportunity, I am confident that the trip will be a success.

The Government in Action program was started in 1989 by Sadanand Ward Mailliard. Over the years, Mount Madonna School students have been fortunate to meet and interview some of our nation’s finest public servants. The Washington, D.C. learning journey is an integral part of the “Values in World Thought” program at Mount Madonna School. This unique trip to Washington, D.C. provides MMS juniors with a direct personal experience of those who devote their lives to public service. 

We are motivated by a sincere desire to inquire into the values and experiences of those who serve our nation in all branches of government and beyond. We interview individuals who are committed to improving the quality of life in our nation and around the world, and who have the values and character that we wish to instill in our students.  

In a time of division, the Government in Action program provides our students the opportunity to actively listen with open minds and hearts. It is our belief that we can positively impact the world by engaging in conversations of meaning, being curious, and being open to learning from people with different perspectives and lived experiences. 

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