Mid-trip Reflection

Isaiah Orozco

As a 17-year-old high school student, embarking on a two-week learning journey to India, I find myself overwhelmed with a sense of privilege and gratitude. In a world where opportunities are not equally possible to all, I recognize the immense fortune that has been placed in front of me with the chance to explore the beautiful tapestry of India’s culture, music, religions, and vast diversity. Day by day, as I dive deeper into the intricacies of Indian culture, my journey extends beyond mere sightseeing; it delves deep into my heart and soul of learning and understanding someone else’s culture.

Every single person we interview, shopkeeper I bargain with, and every namaste I speak with a bowed head, shows me that I am privileged to interact with individuals whose lives are filled with a richness that surpasses material wealth. Their warmth, hospitality, and unwaveringness are a touching reminder of the inherent dignity and humanity that unites us all. Though, even as I celebrate the richness of my experiences, I keep mindful of the complexities that accompany privilege. In this world, where inequality and injustice are persistent, it is incumbent upon me to recognize my privilege not as a badge of superiority, but as a platform for empathy, understanding, and meaningful action. On Saturday, as I bid farewell to the beautiful land of India, I carry with me not only memories of its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cultures, but a renewed sense of purpose and responsibility.