Video: Botshabelo

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Click on the gear icon at the bottom of the video after starting to play to set it to high definition.

Video filmed and edited by Devin Kumar.

7 thoughts on “Botshabelo”

  1. Dear Mount Madonna Students,

    Thank you for the amazing work you’ve done in South Africa and touching so many lives. There will never be a massive enough thank you, not just for everything you’ve done, but giving all of us an eye opener. We wish this country and world had more people like you.

  2. Breaking our hearts wide open. My Mom and I watched the streaming Netflix movie “Angels In the Dust” last night, a documentary of the amazing family that started and supports Botshabelo. Very Inspiring.

  3. Thank you all for sharing your amazing journey, for sharing your joy with the world and letting us look in on the beauty of what you are creating and becoming. Keep smiling!!! Keep spreading love!!!

  4. Wow! Tears in my eyes, watching the interaction between MMS students and these kids. Great video Devin!

  5. So emotional! The little children’s need for warm human contact shines thru every moment.

  6. I echo John’s comments above – thank you for sharing this amazing journey – the joy, the saddness, the resilience of those you encounter – and are finding within yourselves is powerful. Yes, keep your hearts open wide, keep smiling!

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