Slideshow: Cape Town

Photos by Shmuel Thaler/Santa Cruz Sentinel

8 thoughts on “Slideshow: Cape Town”

  1. Lulu, when you return home I would like to hear more about what Pregs Govender had to say. Where did you visit her?

  2. Shmuel,

    Thank you so much for this incredible visual documentation of what must be a tip of the iceberg of the internal experience and transformations this journey has set in motion.


    Thank you for providing the context and leadership. You have created a well prepared culture medium for the spontaneous magic of human connectivity to unfold.

  3. The smiles on your faces and the light in your eyes says it all. Your blog consumes my every morning and I am truly beaming with pride and joy for all of you. Shmuel, this is your most beautiful work to date – amazing!

  4. HEY TRAVELLERS: Back Home in Santa Cruz we are inspired… remembering a fundamental truth. Our appearances deceive us !! We think we are rich or poor or American or African…or what have you.. We all need to help each other To remember the river is wide and it takes a big canoe to get everyone across !! Thanks for reminding us !!

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