April 14th – Hermanus

Fun at the Beach
Fun at the Beach

The beaches in South Africa are even better than the ones near home. The sand is like silk. Dawie took us out to a tasty lunch at Cubana, than gave us a tour of Hermanus. We saw some of the most expensive homes in Hermanus, as well as the shacks that many people here call home. It was amazing to see the contrast between the two ways of life. It is unbelievable that they are just minutes apart.

It was unsettling to see such poverty. Yet, all of the people in the squatter’s camp smiled, stopped what they were doing and waved to us as we drove by. They all looked genuinely happy, it was odd. When I get home I want to go through my room and give away everything that I don’t need. I have way too many material things. I don’t want to be surrounded by artificial happiness.
-Leah Nascimento

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  1. Sounds awesome! You just inspired me to do the same thing, when i get home from work, i will too donate all the stuff that i dont need or items that i believed they would make happy… We are all leaving in this materialist world thinking it makes us happy, in reality it is just our opium that temporarly relieves our lifes. Keep up those inspiring quotes.

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