April 10th – Last Day of Safari

Kruger - Giraffe
Giraffe in Kruger National Park

We are on the bus ready to get started on our final day of the safari. The previous day could not have gone smoother. We managed to come across the “big 5” all in one day. Dawie himself said that he has never seen them all in one day and was astonished by our luck. SN often says “The harder you work, the luckier you get.” I feel we are all working fairly well and have dealt with the obstacles along the way in a sensible matter.

So far this trip I have really struggled to find the importance of half the things we have done. Of course I know it’s important, but why? This morning’s pep talk helped me get a better idea of what we are here for. We are finding the true meaning of Ubuntu, the principle that you are who you are because of others and your relationship with them.

Going through the last few days connecting with our environment made me realize that Ubuntu is not just about people, it is about connecting with the world as a whole. We are who we are because of plants, animals, people, and everything else around us. I came to that realization when Dawie explained how everything must be balanced in order to work and interact as a whole. We as a group must have perfect balance in order to work as one.

-Amar Nijor

6 thoughts on “April 10th – Last Day of Safari”

  1. Amar wrote: “Ubuntu is not just about people, it is about connecting with the world as a whole. We are who we are because of plants, animals, people, and everything else around us.”

    What a profound realization and well written statement.

  2. So glad that the internet is up again so I can read your postings and see your photos. Your descriptions and pictures show the power and beauty of nature and its kingdom left untouched. Awsome!

    I so appreciate your inquiry on the meaning of “Ubuntu” and hope that the process of self-reflection will continue.

  3. Wonderful realization, Amar. As jealous as I am of your trip it makes me happily reminiscent of my own Values experience to follow along with your journey. In my experience, when struggling with the importance of certain tasks I found the group to be a huge motivating factor. Good luck to everyone.

  4. Dear All,

    Thank you for relaying your fascinating African experiences to us in words and pictures. Keep blogging and we’ll keep imagining.

    This blog is the epitome of Ubuntu. Zoe’s friends and family from Tokyo, Chicago and Michigan are e-mailing me in absolute wonderment and appreciation – – Fabulous shared experience!

    I join the other parents in gratitude to SN, Dawie, Archbishop Desmond and Trevor Tutu and everyone who’s played a part in creating this once in a lifetime trip for our kids! For example, thank you, Lisa for keeping everyone malaria-free!

    Love and sunscreen (a mother’s work is never done)…

  5. I have been eagerly following this blog over spring break and I have been truly impressed and inspired by the transformations evident in your thoughtful posts. I LOVE this blog! Hearing you Ubuntu-seekers move seamlessly from travelogue to articulate introspection, glittering airport inspired haikus to enthusiastic discoveries about South African history, ecology and politics; makes all of us back at MMS feel part of your incredible journey.

    The combination of your online thoughts and the visual narrative of your experiences makes me totally happy. It is unusual for a high-school class to travel to an unfamiliar place and be so completely engaged with the mature task of seeking meaning in one’s own emotional reaction to a place, a history, a people. Your ability to keep this question in the forefront of your minds while being surrounded by your classmates is a testament to your curiosity, enthusiasm, adventurousness, and open-mindedness. Don’t lose these risk-taking behaviors and keep having the adventure of a lifetime and telling us about it in real-time!

  6. Wow, I am truly amazed by everyones thoughts, and insights. Our children are so lucky to have such wonderful experiences. You guys are doing great, keep up the blogging, I LOVE reading what you have to say and it makes my day!

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